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Sleeping cats

Her face twitches as the breeze blows,

Her tail hanging away from her body,

Yet she doesn’t worry something will bite her tail,

Her eyes are closed unbothered by the world,

But ears alert,

And she rests on a rock,

But makes it look soft,

Her tummy moves slowly as she breathes,

And beside her,

Her beautiful grandmother,

Wary of the hen and cock,

That came running past them,

She stays alert,

But once they have gone,

Her calm returns,

And she closes her eyes,

But forgets to lower her head,

Then does saw slowly,

Two sleeping cats,

A grandmother and her grandchild,

Free from strife and unruffled,

Yet the surroundings are not serene,

But they still find peace,

I envy a sleeping cat.

~Kashkash Margaret~

Written in 2022 @kashkashorates


She feels the need to strive,

Feels the need to be free,

Feels the need to be happy,

In her mind,

She wants to believe,

Believe that she will see better days,

Believe that every dream will come true,

And in her mind, she seeks consolation,

To be strong and have the gallantry to face life,

And in those dark days when she feels like it won’t be,

She feels weak,

She feels helpless,

And she often feels alone,

Because she doesn’t want to open up,

They are just going to say she is insane anyway,

So she keeps it to herself,

And goes through the storms on her own,

And though she thinks she is okay,

Deep down she knows she needs something,

Or someplace,

Or someone to cling to on those stormy nights,

And though she thinks she is okay,

Deep down she yearns for a warm embrace,

And a gentle tease and kiss,

But it is a lonely ,lonely little world,

And that is why she is always absorbed in fantasy,

And ,

I don’t know why people freak her out,

She drowns in sheer clumsiness,

And dies with anxiety,

And when they get too close,

She expects to get hurt,

Damn, she even does a countdown,

So she keeps her heart to herself,

But in her fantasy is a perfect world and a perfect her,

In her fantasy, she is truly happy,

She gets to do all the crazy,

Gets the perfect lover,

Always on the move and free

And her thoughts are the bloodstream of her fantasy,

She calls it her safe place,

Though it’s delusional,

She likes it because it is safe,

She doesn’t have to cry,

Or feel any of the pain anymore

Have you ever met someone so content being alone,

So pessimistic and bold,

Easy to talk to but hard to get to know,

Ever smiling and never caring,

Only to find it is facade,

Their life is just some show,

And it is just so sad,

I hope that one day,

She finds something real.

~Kashkash Margaret~

Written In 2022 @kashkashorates

The Day I Lost Hope

I did not see the day coming,

But it did,

And this was the day I lost hope,

I lost all hope,

And I don’t know how I go by each day,

I looked for God ,

Hoping life would be easier,

And every thing I prayed for just got worse,

And I lost hope of his indulgence or existence,

Because then why is the world so broken,

Why is there so much to cry for,

I looked for love,

But I got scars,

I looked for friendship,

Only to feel displaced,

And out of place,

I looked for the people of religion,

But I got judged,

When I asked questions,

I did seek consolation,

From older men and women,

But they were just empty words,

Just meant to make the truth not so hard,

And then came the day when I lost all hope,

And when I lost hope,

I started dying everyday,


I felt like my life had been a lie,

For I saw people believe in religion,

Yet it did nothing for them,

And culture and tradition,

Just a mere excuse to lead a delusional life,

And what everyone did,

Just lost sense,

And over time,

I could feel a strong urge not to be good,

For I had lost hope in people,

But maybe,

Not all hope,

For I am still hopeful,

To become what I have always dreamed,

And a hope to be hopeful again.

~Kashkash Margaret~

Written in 2022 @kashkashorates

DYING EVERYDAY By Kashkash Margaret

But why do you wake up,

Just to die everyday,

Why do you loathe your life,

Yet you make the choices,

And you live like a lizard,

Or some overfed crocodile in a zoo,

And when you are done doing nothing,

You cry yourself to sleep,

Wondering why you make nothing out of your life,

Why you have no friends,

And why everything in your life is messed up,

And that day you die,

And you see next day,

With the same habits,

And you see people happy around you,

And you loathe it,

Yet honestly no one rejected you,

And now the guy you rejected is happy,

With a girl as beautiful as you,


You can’t handle it,

And when night comes,

I just pity your pillow,

And you die again,

You feel left out by your siblings,

But truth is you never reach out to them,

And you pity yourself,

And everyday,

There is always a reason for you to die,

Why don’t you just choose to live?

Your life is just a single run,

And you need to make the best of it,

You don’t need to die everyday,

For life is beautiful.

~Kashkash Margaret~

Written in 2022 @kashkashorates


With my heart awakened,

I feel the pain of having a friend,

But who makes you feel less and despised,

And I cannot control the hate growing within me.

With my heart awakened,

I feel the hatred among people,

Even those in a fascade of friendship,

And I have felt the pain of the broken,

Seeking comfort in pleasures of the flesh,

Trying to hide they are too hurt to find consolation in any human,

For the only thing that can hurt you more than one human is another human.

With my heart awakened,

I feel the frustration of women and men,

As society still tries to dictate their life,

In the form of culture and religion,

Society is a god,

With influence so strong that many have eventually given up what they believe in,

And lived a life so miserable,

And with delusional mindsets.

With my heart awakened,

I feel the need of approval among the young,

Always yearning to be among this group of friends,

Always trying to be like them ,talk like them but it only makes you look like a fool,

Yet without them you were enough,

And now that your ambition is gone,

I don’t know what is left of you.

With my heart awakened,

I feel people’s fear of the truth,

And you have cut out family,

Seeking consolation among friends,

Who still speak ill of you when you are not around,

But John your mother misses you.

With my heart awakened,

I feel people’s need to be happy,

Not stressed or bothered ,

But you don’t even want to face your problems,

You just get yourself high,

And post quotes on social media,

And get yourself drunk like the useless person you have made yourself become.

With my heart awakened,

I feel people’s depression,

The need of love and endless wants too unbearable,

But these people are the funniest,

And when Grace was found hanging lifeless,

We all said ‘But she was always happy ‘.

With my heart awakened,

I feel people’s want of freedom,

A life guided by your own principles,

But all you do is force your beliefs on people,

And your self-righteous ass is so stupid,

You don’t understand the world is not black and white,

There is a huge delicate grey that when disturbed breeds conflict,

Let people be.

With my heart awakened,

I have felt people’s need to be understood,

But every time Jessie starts talking,

He is quickly brushed off,

Because Jessie is weird and is not like you,

So when Jessie lost his dad,

He had to crawl out of that hell hole alone.

With my heart awakened,

I hate what the world is,

But what is better than justing sitting around,

And watching the world burn?

~Kashkash Margaret ~

Written in 2022 @kashkashorates

FALLEN WRITERS By Kashkash Margaret

And when you lose your pen,

And your book starts getting dusty,

The world starts drowning you again,

Your sorrows and pain come flooding back,

And the strength you had gathered starts fading away,

This is the story of fallen writers,

Writers who forget of the art that keeps them strong,

Even on the toughest of days,

The poets who let the pens bleed,

And those who let fiction tell their dark tales,

The fallen writers have forgotten they are the creators of a better world,

And a world where there is hope promised at the end of any suffering,

The writers who forgot that even the best moment of life,

Becomes more alive when written,

The pleasure of intimacy,

And the joy of togetherness,

To keep the light in their hearts alive,

When those dark days approach.

Dear fallen writers,

Find your pen and clean your book,

And write your best story.


Written on 20th February 2022 @kashkashorates


Is it really worth your time that you have to mourn every day,

That you have not slept a wink or quenched your thirst,

Is it really worth your time,

Now that you have made it your stupid obsession,

Yet you get thinner by the day,

And your pockets are getting empty,’

Don’t you really see how useless you are becoming,

You are dying gradually but you fail to see,

But I really hope you can this into your empty head,

Is it really worth your time?

~Kashkash Margaret~

Written in 2022 @kashkashorates

AS THE SUN SETS By Kashkash Margaret

Photo by Lachlan Ross on

As the sun sets,

I look at the horizons in fear of what tomorrow holds,

Or what I hold for tomorrow,

Have I done enough to make my tomorrow promising,

Or am I doomed to be in tears tomorrow,

I fear my demons of the past might make camp in tomorrow,

Taking me back to the dark pit I have risen from,

As the sun sets,

I wonder whether my actions of today have sealed me to a fate of no return,

Or a glorious ending,

Oooh Dear God,

Only your wisdom can be a trusted light of guidance,

So that when the sun sets,

And tomorrow comes,

I may rise with the rising of the sun.

~Kashkash Margaret~

Written on 31st December 2021@kashkashorates

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