Is it really worth your time that you have to mourn every day,

That you have not slept a wink or quenched your thirst,

Is it really worth your time,

Now that you have made it your stupid obsession,

Yet you get thinner by the day,

And your pockets are getting empty,’

Don’t you really see how useless you are becoming,

You are dying gradually but you fail to see,

But I really hope you can this into your empty head,

Is it really worth your time?

~Kashkash Margaret~

Written in 2022 @kashkashorates

AS THE SUN SETS By Kashkash Margaret

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As the sun sets,

I look at the horizons in fear of what tomorrow holds,

Or what I hold for tomorrow,

Have I done enough to make my tomorrow promising,

Or am I doomed to be in tears tomorrow,

I fear my demons of the past might make camp in tomorrow,

Taking me back to the dark pit I have risen from,

As the sun sets,

I wonder whether my actions of today have sealed me to a fate of no return,

Or a glorious ending,

Oooh Dear God,

Only your wisdom can be a trusted light of guidance,

So that when the sun sets,

And tomorrow comes,

I may rise with the rising of the sun.

~Kashkash Margaret~

Written on 31st December 2021@kashkashorates

HIM By Kashkash Margaret

And where is the strength when you want to tell him that you still miss him,

That you did not want to part ways just yet,

That he meant so much yet he was still so lost in time,

That his smile was the thing closest to perfect you have ever seen,

That a glimpse into his eyes was enough to make you lost for an eternity,

And where is the courage when you want to tell him you still want to feel the touch of lips,

That you still think about the slow and passionate night of colliding bodies,

That you wanted him so much yet he was still so lost in time,

That a glimpse into his soul made your ice-cold heart melt,

So as you drown in your sorrow,

Your heart slowly gets ripped apart,

And you will be the one crying yourself to sleep,

And what are you supposed to do,

When you meet someone with so much love to give,

And you have to give it away

Because he is lost in time,

A poet in his musings once said,

Fear is born of fatigue and loneliness,

So shall you fear love,

Now that you loved him so much,

And his departure has left you broken,

Shall you be able to love again,

Or is this love you shall hold onto forever,

Shall you ever be courageous to tell him you still care for him,

And you suffer from an unending fear of losing him,

And how you have become a broken soul,

And no amount of tears have quenched your broken heart into healing,

Where did you learn to love so much?

And care so deep,

Now you seek refuge in friendship,

And your heart still holds these secrets,

The tales of a broken soul and forsaken heart,

And I do not know what will become of you.

So tell me,

How will you overcome this treacherous game of hearts?

After a love so deep,

Because this is my story.


Written on 31st of December 2021 @kashkashorates

SHE WANTS TO BE A STAR By Kashkash Margaret

She wants to be a star,

A star that shines bright,

Brighter than the rest,


The passing star that scared the sun,


The sun almost gave a run,


Or Maybe it is Just Fiction,

She fears her dreams will be theory,

With no proof of existence,

All she knows is that,

She wants to be a unique star.

Written in 2020 @kashkashorates



That contagious smile,

Plastered on her beautiful face,

Not for the joy in her heart,

But to conceal her pain,

Pain cuts deep through her heart,

Trying to make peace with her past,

Trying to forget,

That was a thing of the past,

When she looks at the old photos,

An upsurge of bitterness,

Vengeance burning deep within her,

Like a consuming flame,

The absence of that man,

The man who brought her to this world,

All through her childhood,

Always wounded her heart,

To leave a scar that may never heal,

There yet not there,

Seen yet so invisible,

Heard yet inaudible,

Always turning off the alarm of responsibility,


Where was he all along?

               ~KASHKASH MARGARET~

Written in 2018 @kashkashorates

[Shedding light on parental absentia]

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